Forced to concentrate due to Tourette's syndrome

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Forced to concentrate due to Tourette's syndrome

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At the age of 13 I was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. The definition given me at the time was I had too much energy so my brain made me expend the energy with various tics. As you can proberbly imagine these tics became quite irritating, mainly to those around me lol. As a consequence, i became increasingly SELF conscious. The therpy at the time was basic relaxation exercises. I think you can see where this is leading ! To save myself from this unintended attention I was forced to learn to concentrate on myself and relax continually thoughout the day. What a blessing in disquise ! As around the same time I also had an intense desire to know the truth of things. Other kids were outside playing, while I was indoors reading the likes of jung and plato. Over the years my reading eventually lead me to budda and the realisation that the books couldn't give me anymore of what I wanted and I had to start bloody working for it ! In comes my natural bent for concentration emoticon what a bonus ! I'ts not all roses though, I'm in a constant battle between enjoying my self though soical drinking and spending enough solid time on the cushion to hit some really deep levels. Ah well these things are sent to try us I supose.
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RE: Forced to concentrate due to Tourette's syndrome

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nice story! me too ive had tourettes as a kid, and still do, but on and off and very minor.
There were a couple of times though when I do mindfulness practice and notice the urge to make a 'tic'. Meditation actually does help with controlling tics and weakening the next urge. Its quite a challenge though, maybe more difficult than doing eating meditation for me.