Moving to Northern Virginia & looking for Dharma friends, & centers there

So I will be moving in the spring to Northern Virginia/DC area, Vienna, Va specifically.

I am interested in 1) making Dharma friends in the areas, 2) Dharma Teachers in the area, 3) daily practice centers (places that host weekly meditaitons and Dharma talks on a regular basis) and 4) retreat centers within 200 miles.

Interested in Tibetan, Theravadin, Zen, Practical Dharma, and Advaita Vedanta tradtions.  

Regarding retreat centers within 200 miles, I know of Bhavana Society, in WV, and Bodhi Path in Natural Bridge VA.

Thanks and please respond here in the thread or feel free to send me a direct msg.
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RE: Moving to Northern Virginia & looking for Dharma friends, & centers the

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I currently live in Oakton, right next to Vienna. I go to the Bhavana Society a few times a year, there is also a Tibetan Temple in Fairfax called Drikung Dharma Surya that I visit about once a week. 

Feel free to hit me up when you are in town. 

As for other centers, Bhante Rahula has a retreat center opening up that should be ready sometime next Spring. It's in Maryland, about 45 mintues from DC. 
Hey Jinxed,
this is really useful.  Thank you.
i'll pm you.