Holy shit.

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Holy shit.

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I was thinking about how thoughts arise by themsleves. Just like a heart would beat by itself. I could not predict my next thought thoughts came and left by themselves. Then i moved my arm and somehow precived it moved by itself then i was setting the alarm clock i set the time put down my phone and it was all automatic i never did any of that. And then fear around the back under chest but i decieded to go into it then .....HOLY SHIT im not here its like i was playing a racing game at an arcade but it turns out my controller wasnt plugged in the entire time i cant influece the game its moving by itself thiers no me who can do anything. That would have been the end but then a thought arose how can i use this info to improve if my controller aint plugged in. i cant influence anything......... Wait a minute thiers a witness watching this? still duality and as soon as that thought arose in the context of the metaphore our player who was using the fake controllers gets up and walks out the arcade. And then a feeling arose when i was depressed thiers was a empty felling pullin down from upper stomach this was the exact opposite bliss and a pouring out in the same area i felt like something got dropped i dont know what though.
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RE: Holy shit.

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Indeed, thinking -- or freaking out -- is the first step to hell.  emoticon

Now you can see how powerful intentions are and why morality (just in the "good person" sense, nothing dogmatic) is so important. Basically wrong mindset, and everything else that follows is shameful. Good mindset, and even if things turn out bad, there is nothing to regret.

Best wishes Jas!