Magick that manipulates mind/emotional state?

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Magick that manipulates mind/emotional state?

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I don't really give a shit about my wordly situation so magick has never interested me on that front.

But I'd like to experiment with it a little, particularly manipulating my mind/emotional state.For example if I were to be blissful 24/7( I don't attach to pleasure or pain either way, but I'd like to see what kind of control I can exercise over my mental state at any given moment.) What would be a practise that can accomplish this?
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RE: Magick that manipulates mind/emotional state?

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Bliss 24/7 lol
You can use concentration to first recall an anker (like for love a happy memory with your parents), then sink really into it, embrace the feeling, and afterwards concentrate on the pure feeling and radiating it. You can do this with bliss as well if you train. But as there are as well causes not under your control it won't be forever, I'm sorry emoticon