Enlightenment Spam

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Enlightenment Spam

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Spammers are onto us. I just received this email today. Please don't click on the links.
Hi *****,

Until MIDNIGHT on October 6, 2017
you can get into the next cohort of the Finders Course for HALF OFF +
plus the cost of an eSense device and electrodes (about $120).
Here's where you can register for half off.

We're making this special offer available as a way to say THANK YOU to
everyone on our mailing list who truly wants to awaken and reach Ongoing
and Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (enlightenment, nonduality,
persistent awakening, etc.).We've just migrated to a new software platform that accommodates more
people, and we'd like to see how many more hundreds of people we can
help shift into O.N.E. before the end of the year.Right now the class/experiment that starts on October 21st is the last one we have planned this year. So this is it!Here's where you can register and save 50%Our research shows that there are less than 300,000 English speakers who truly want to persistently awaken.Most people who are interested in topics like enlightenment and
nonduality are not truly seeking them. They are trying to add in
elements of awakening into their 'normal' sense of self. Needless to
say, that doesn't work for them, nor will it impact humanity on a larger
scale.You're special, because you are one of these 300,000. Out of 7.4 billion people that's not many!We believe that it is incredibly important that every single you of
them make it, because of the shift it will produce not only in your own
life, but also for for all of humanity.I'm sure you've probably spent a lot of time reading, watching and
studying with various teachers, trying programs, meditating and using
various practices, and much more.You've invested a huge amount of time and money in your pursuit of
higher levels of consciousness. Time and money you could have spent on
many other things, if just one of these had enabled you to make the
progress that you're seeking.The Finders Course is the only scientifically validated
awakening program available, and the results literally blow everyone
else away.
Our latest analysis of FC1 through FC9 (we're currently
running FC10) revealed that 74% of people reported being in Ongoing
Non-Symbolic Experience (O.N.E.) when they left the course.
74%!When was the last time you took a course and 74% of the participants
walked away in a persistent and ongoing state of enlightenment,
nonduality, persistent mystical experience, God consciousness, or
something similar? Never, right?Change that today. Go here right now and register before this batch of seats are all taken!Much Love,

JefferyDr. Jeffery A. Martin

Director, Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness

Research Professor, Sofia University

Director, Transformative Technology Lab@SofiaU

P.S. This special half-off offer ends at midnight on October 6th.
If you'd like to experience the revolutionary system that has
transitioned 74% of people who have used it to O.N.E. ... and save 50%,
then go here now.
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RE: Enlightenment Spam

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You posting this gives this spam more exposure.
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RE: Enlightenment Spam

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Funny. I had signed up for their mailing list and I did not get this. They must suck at spamming.

Are you sure you did not sign up for it too somewhere? How do you think they obtained your email address otherwise?