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Pragmatic Dharma Sits or Teachers in DC

Can anyone recommend good sitting groups or teachers in the DC area?

There is a big local group (IMCW) with tons of classes and teachers, but some of it seems a little self-helpy and mass-market (This could be totally wrong and excuse my uninformed, dismissive judgmentalism, and also that approach is great for some people, just not me).   

Also it is so big with so many small groups its unclear where, say, someone who is drawn to DhO might go and feel comfortable. 

As much as I love this forum and other online sites I feel like my practice is a little sterile without some face to face sangha action.

Any advice appreciated.

RE: Pragmatic Dharma Sits or Teachers in DC
10/7/17 12:06 AM as a reply to Francis M. Crawford.
you should start one..