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coping with death

coping with death
10/16/17 1:39 AM
Dear fellow community members,

My family just experienced a death, my brother in law.  It was unexpected.  

I have thought for the past few years my practice has really centered me, and is solid.  (1 hour sits every day without missing a beat...miss brushing my teeth more than my sits)  But, I find this event has really knocked the pyschic wind out of me.

I am disorientated, unsure of how I should feel, find myself throughtout the day urgently chanting to myself Om mani padhme hum and sending loving kindness to my departed brother. 

Maybe I had unrealistic expectations...but somehow I thought I'd be impervious to this sort of experience.  Even writing that seems incredibly silly, but I'm sharing openly.  In the past day since learning of the death, I've experienced anger, numbness, sadness, fear, uncertainty, and survivor's guilt.

I am curious how other practioners have found the experience of death of loved ones has affected them & their practice.  Any sharing on any level would be appreciated.


RE: coping with death
10/17/17 3:30 AM as a reply to tdiggy t diggy.
Thank you S for such a beautiful and poetic post.  In fact, in my many years of mainly lurking here, to me, this is is one of the most beautiful posts I’ve read.  (And obviously has resonated strongly with me given what my family and I are facing)

Many blessings to you and all who read this.

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