Heavy head

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Heavy head

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Hi guys

I am not sure if this is the right category

 But I am having some difficulty in my cultivation and I need help

What happens is this that whenever I start meditating ( it can be any technique )

My eyes , head , temples, jaws, cheekbones etc start getting tense and heavy

I can feel that pressure building up in my forehead ( between the eyebrows ) ( and I don't think it has anything to do with third eye, I think it's just tension , I am just a beginner )

This pressure stays all day long, my head feels heavy all day long, I feel unfocused and sluggish all day long

Now this is the important thing, it happens only if I close my eyes during the meditation 

If I keep my eyes open , this problem magically disappears ( I am not really sure about it because I have felt tension even during open eyes but still it disappears to quite an extent )

Now what is happening and what can I do to resolve this ?

I have heard reichian Therapy is good , so may be I can try that to release tension from my eyes, head and face ?

Any suggestions ?

Simply trying to relax the head doesn't work.

 half closed eyes also don't work, it too bulids up tension

Progressive relaxation also I don't think will really work because the tension will build up anyway as soon as I close eyes

I think I need something which can release deep physical tension from my head , eyes and face

But all suggestions are welcome
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RE: Heavy head

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Maybe try the 10 points relaxation practice from Dharma Ocean? You start off by relaxing tension everywhere else in the body before you get to the head. https://www.dharmaocean.org/meditation/learn-to-meditate/learn-to-meditate-foundational-practices/