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'Advanced' spiritual website with map, comments?

I don't really post websites up as if I made a habit of it, I'd be posting them all the time and that's far too much commitment! However I did chance upon this website that has a mapping I'm not very familiar. I was wondering if any 3rd 4th pathers on here had any knowledge on this. It all sounds very impressive and I wish I could understand most of it.


On reading this page, it mentions "why" life was created. Maybe I'm taking that literally and it's designed to ease people into less palletable philosophies but it speaks at one level, then another. Otherwise, an advaita view of God and Self.

Experiences transfer between ideas and concepts though and I still believe that this site refers to real insights.

RE: 'Advanced' spiritual website with map, comments?
11/27/17 5:52 PM as a reply to Dom Stone.
Generate Operate Destroy:

I found this article and came to the conclusion that mr. Anadi has no clue about what he's talking about. Like absolutely no fucking idea whatsoever. There are too many flaws to point out, but this one was one of the most obvious ones:
In its disregard for the consciousness of me, Dzogchen has stayed faithful to Buddhism. But who is practicing self-remembrance? Who is conscious of consciousness? Who is trying to stabilize rigpa?In Buddhism, there are many clever answers to this dilemma – that there is no self, and yet ‘someone’ must still realize this.But at heart, there is denial ofand refusal to become intimate with the personal and individual dimensions of our existence.And when we agree to live in half of the truth, we agree to live in a lie.

For further reference:


RE: 'Advanced' spiritual website with map, comments?
11/27/17 10:30 PM as a reply to Stirling Campbell.
Cool thanks. I was hoping that they would relate to different, but not final levels of awakening as it could have been a map of the later paths or something. Not sure why I would still try and prospect new maps to compulsivity and wrongfully project to in the future lol. Seemed like a good idea at the time :p

RE: 'Advanced' spiritual website with map, comments?
11/27/17 11:03 PM as a reply to Dom Stone.
Hi Dom,

The Tibetans have these two threads too, the Rangtong, which is the emptiness thread (Nagarjuna, Second Turning or Mahayana), and the Shentong (Asana channeling Maitreya, Third Turning or Vajrayana), which is the mind thread (see here). Basically, my feeling after having studied these for a bit (though I am by no means an expert) is that these two aspects are how Reality (which is basically uncomprehensible to the conceptual mind) manifests from either the direction of the observer or the observed in deep meditation. If you have to then describe what you saw from a conceptual standpoint, you need to use either one way or the other but really it's neither or rather both. I think Daniel mentions something about this distinction in MCTB at one point.