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Vibrations in awareness

Vibrations in awareness
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12/26/17 4:53 AM
Hey guys I am dealing with a little dilemma here. For a while now whenever I applied minfulness (to see when phenomena arise and pass away) I would sense vibrations when I note, sometimes regular other times irregular, sometimes fast sometimes slows (depending on how I focus). Such vibrations can happen anytime, sometimes it seems that I need to focus to see them which make me believe that I am the one generating them but sometimes I do not need to make them happen for them to occur. One thing I noticed is that when I focus lets say on the nostril somehow I can make the vibrations occur which make it harder to sustain a samatha-like concentration but I can also make them disappear which facilitates concentration. My doubt is that sometimes I get the feeling that I am the one making the vibrations even though I think I am noting. What do you think?