earth kasina (and more)

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earth kasina (and more)

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erm... having come to a period of low progress w/ breathing i started looking at kasinas, thought to share the resuts of a few minutes online.

Daniel I is hot on Fire but some cannonical texts eg Visshudimagga & Vimuttimagga*  start with Earth and give detailed instrctions, even saying that it's easy.  My take on this is that you can do it in daylight, with Fire the candle flame gets to compete with the sun and you know what? it loses.

But what colour is a clay disc?  not white black red or yellow but instead reddish brown, or the colour of 'clay from the river ganges'/ 'the colour of dawn'.

Here's a couple of pictures:

1) clay harvested for making sculpture
2) the muddy river gamges (coloued by the mud i  guess)

Why should we care? well if the colour is wrong then you get to use a colour kasina, which is apparently is good for 'attainment of the liberation by the beautiful', and I'm pig ugly.

So i've hit on an 8" plastic flowerpot saucer (yes clay would be better), it's a bit red, and i may try instead some corrugated cardboard.

I scraped a couple of documents: one academic and one from a teacher, the latter of which is remarkably informative and concise, and while i may be dumb i'd recommend everyone to read it :-)

* while this is avail as a pdf download it's a real pain to flip  through pages, so i got a copy from the BPS, approx $25 including shipping, arrived in 11 days from Kandy by surface mail. It's a photocopied book nicely bound in paper, I got page 43 twice ;-).  I heard they've only made 1000 of them.
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RE: earth kasina (and more)

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Thank you very much. I was looking for something like this.