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7-10 Retreat in Asia - Jan/Feb

7-10 Retreat in Asia - Jan/Feb
1/4/18 11:34 AM
Hi there,

I am looking for a meditation retreat in Asia that will cater for a 7-10 day meditation session. I looked into MBMC but they included too much walking meditatation for my liking.

Stage in meditatation: not really sure I think between A&P (although I cannot even be certain I passed this yet) and Dark Night

The reason I say this is because, although I twist, energise, vibrate, feel excess pleasure at times, etc (much like before the A&P event), there has been a tendency for my meditation to turn towards Fear. This is usually when I have stopped the meditation (consciously or otherwise) prior to coming across information about the Dark Night. I am looking into this. 

Another reason for my thinking of having passed the A&P event is that in last year I quit my job and moved to a different country and was obsessed with meditation for a period of time and wanted everyone to do meditation, etc. Hopefully, this info can help with any meditation centre you provide emoticon

On a separate note, during meditation can you move between A&P and Dark night in one setting? Not sure...

Also, will the meditation centres accept vast shaking and movments? 


RE: 7-10 Retreat in Asia - Jan/Feb
1/8/18 9:53 PM as a reply to Yaz Asad.
You are welcome here. See :

As you have the choice to be monitored or left alone to meditate, your shakings are only a concern to yourself. Lose the concern where you are on the map/s and get on all-day mindfulness/meditation, you may elect to only get up when you feel sleepy or need to stretch your legs.

A&P - DN in one sitting? That happens very often.

Good luck!