Karmic effects of manipulating energy in healing

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Karmic effects of manipulating energy in healing

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Hi all,

There are a few well known healers around the world who use different techniques to manipulate Life force/prana/chi as a way of healing various ailments of the body and mind.  This would surely come under the heading of 'magick' as Daniel has described it in his website essay.  This essay talks about carefully considering potential flow-on effects of such interventions, but how does one make that consideration?

Are there any problems either for the person receiving the healing or for the practitioner in terms of accrueing negative karma?  How could you possibly know?  Say someone has a painful arthritic hip joint and a healer had it within himself to manipulate the energy to stop the pain and restore function (just a random example), is this something people should be doing?  As a contrast or comparison, when a surgeon replaces the hip joint with a new ceramic one, is he not interfering in the same way?  What's the difference?

@Daniel M. Ingram, I can understand the ER is probably not a place for energy practices, but say a friend complained to you about back pain, and in a meditation you could see some blocked energy around his mid section, would you tell him about it and offer to manipulate the energy into a healthful state?  Would you just pay attention to it without trying to manipulate it?  Or would you not do anything along those lines and just offer him physical therapy and painkillers? How does this stuff work and what are the pitfalls? Thanks everyone.
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RE: Karmic effects of manipulating energy in healing

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Argh! I wrote a long reply from my phone then deleted it by accident! I hope somebody replies who has experience from energy practices or magick. You may find that any response you get will be different, relating to their model of reality as there isn't a clear cut answer to this.

It may help to have a deep understanding on karma and what it actually is. My view is that karma is a law of cause an effect with relation to the self. It is the byproduct of Voilition (the apparent decision making process involved in every present moment). Karma is based upon the conditions that exist to that point, which means a decision made by one person will have a different effect to another person. The seeds may not rise straight away, though there is typically many seeds created in a short patch of time (eg seconds). Some you notice immediately such as the act of walking resulting in your body being located in a different point in space, whereas others take time to manifest.
Karma may be abstract or conceptual by origin, so one may try learn something, and eventually it is learned. It may also be magickal by origin. I define magick as an act of intention that relies on processes not relying on matter of materialism. Walking to the shop could be considered a spell in my opinion as it is intention guiding your universe, but to separate magickal ideas from mundane activities, I believe satisfies this. 

With all this in mind, common sense prevails, as karma is  what we are all used to. I don't believe there is any reason you should avoid energy healing unless the following factors apply:

1. You are an old school Catholic priest.
2. You are prone to superstition and making connections that don't exist purely because it provides a sense of comfort.
3. Another obvious reason.

There is no reason why we shouldn't experiment with various ideas as long as they:
a) don't put us or others Iin danger (eg avoiding a doctor)
b) Break social conduct fracturing the web in which we are part of (like sleeping with your sibling or cannibalism)

There is no universal good or bad that states we can or cannot do anything, but typically, we learn what makes life easier for us and what doesn't. These laws should be respected for our happiness and those around us.

I believe energy healing in that respect is the same as physical therapy in the same way that apples are the same as oranges (they're both fruit)
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RE: Karmic effects of manipulating energy in healing

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the most basic cause of karma is intention.

whether good or bad, it is the intention behind the action which leads on to positive or negative consequences.

so if you are doing feldenkreis or chakra or .... practices it is your intention that counts.  if its all about the ca$h or about how the community sees you or some other ego based reason, i would venture to say that the karmic results would lead to more rather than less clinging which is not helpful.

if an attitude of beneficience and compassion towards your patients is prevalent the balance would be shifted to a more positive effect methinks.