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How long should a ñana last off-cushion?

I've kind of always been under the impression that it was somewhere in the ballpark of a couple of hours/a couple of days. Can you be in one for an entire month? A whole year? By be in it I mean have experience filtered through it all of the time both on and off cushion. Can you experience other ñanas kind of 'inside' of a specific one? 

If one were to stop meditating at all, how long would it take to fade off? What should one do if it doesn't? 

RE: How long should a ñana last off-cushion?
2/17/18 12:50 AM as a reply to kylie.
Here's the problem: there are various layers of insight stage effects. There are small-scale effects, those relating to one sit and the stages one progresses through on that sit, and there are large-scale effects that relate to the overall arc of one's practice. These are related but not the same.

Example: one might be functionally a Dark Nighter but have regressed back to the early insight stages and be suffering with the back tension that comes from the Three Chracteristics stage, for example.

One might be in Equamity on a retreat but have to work up each time one sits down from Mind and Body up to Equanimity, though, by the blessings of being in the Equanimity phase, the earlier stages are likely to pass rapidly with little real trouble.

So, were one more sophisticad about mapping, one might map at both levels, the Macro and the Micro, with the Macro being that feel and quality that applies to one's general stage and the Micro applying to one's specific stage that was happening at that moment on the cushion, as these might have some relationship to each other and modulate each other but might yet be radically different.