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Online Course by Teacher w/ 25 Years Under U Pandita - Andrew Scheffer

Andrew studied closely with Sayadaw U Pandita for 25 years, and was with him for his last breath in 2016.  Now, Andrew is taking what he learned during that time, and with the encouragement and blessings of Sayadaw U Pandita, he is sharing his knowledge and experience and working to start a Panditarama Meditation and Teacher Training Center in the US.

Andrew Scheffer wants to make it easy for interested students to learn the Mahasi meditation technique and practice it effectively.

For those interested to learn more, you can start online for free at:

Although I had practiced Goenka's technique intensively for seven years and then practiced noting for a few months on my own after reading MCTOB, completing Andrew's online audio course deepened my understanding of the noting technique that I do not feel I could get from text. I believe it has helped me walk further and faster on the path if I had not encountered the course.