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Andrew Scheffer: The Wharton Monk - 25 Years with Sayadaw U Pandita

Andrew studied closely with Sayadaw U Pandita for 25 years, and was with him for his last breath.  Now, Andrew is taking what he learned during that time, and with the encouragement and blessings of Sayadaw U Pandita, he is sharing his knowledge and experience and working to start a satellite Panditarama Meditation and Teacher Training Center in the US.

Following in the tradition of the late Mahasi Sayadaw and Panditarama Sayadawgyi Andrew first practiced extensively himself, accumulating more than 10,000 hours of intensive retreat training under highly qualified teachers in these traditions. Along the way, he earned an MBA, started a family and had a career in finance and wealth management.  

His combined backgrounds with meditation in Southeast Asia and in business in the high pressure world of finance and Wall Street, has enabled him to create authentic and effective introductory mindfulness and meditation courses that can be taught in corporate environments and that lay people can relate to.  

Andrew hopes to be an example in how we can dedicate ourselves to meditation while also having a career and a family.