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Dealing with the Dark Night

A *possible method to increase unification of mind in unstable D/N

I may have a method for increasing unification of mind when being a DN yogi with very difficult energies and unstable Nanas that seem to 'stick' for the rest of the day (i.e. if I end a sit in 10th, things do downhill from there for the rest of the day and its very difficult to prevent bleed-through to RL)

I realized that one can vary the speed and type of note to slow down progress up the nanas, and even let things fall back down again. My A&P has always been a quick, unstable rush so I never seem to get any momentum out of it. Its early in the experiment but it seems to be doable to run up to 3rd more slowly and then increase speed just enough to get into a much 'harder?' 4th-5th. In fact using more effective noting techniques (for myself - like no dog noting), I can more easily keep running up and down from 3rd-5th and get more and more time in 4th-5th. In additon the 'stickyness' of the nana is still there after the sit, but instead of havnig a sticky 10th its a sticky 4th(yes with the arrogance also I notice).

Anyone else do this?