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Rage Yoga o_O

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Seems like people in other traditions have also been upset by mushroom culture niceness:
Here comes rage yoga for those who like heavy metal rather than unobtrusive slumberous tunes to their practice:
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Hahaha, this is fantastic. There's no reason why yoga should always be sweet smiles and serene, new agey atmospheric music. Those things are great, I like those things sometimes, but they're not what yoga is about, really... Or, at least, they don't have to be. I did my practice yesterday while listening to queen's greatest hits, and as far as I can tell, it was just as good as any other practice I've ever done. 
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One thing to consider, tons of research shows that participating in an emotion more tends to make that emotion more prominent int eh psyche.  TThat's why although in the past they used to suggest methods like yelling itno a pellow or other kinds of 'venting,' psychologists no longer recommend such.  Because the more you wallow in an unwanted emotion the more you get more of that emotoin.  Venting may certainly feel good but it has been shown to backfire as far as reducing that emotion long term.

So for those with lots of anger and pain that they carry, which hard rock tends to relate better with, something to consider.   I also used to carry a LOT of anger and just things like coloful flowers and all that nice happy stuff made me want to hurl.   So I can certainly relate and I also tended wo consider all that nicy happy stuff as a lot of fluffy bs.  It took me a long time to fully understand that hte prob was not hte nice happy stuff at all, the prob was all the anger and pain inside me that did not like nice happy stuff.  I had a visceral dislike to the nice stuff because it was so contrary to my inner condition at that time.  

Now after a long time, I no longer dislike the nice nice stuff, even if I do see it as sometimes a shallow  attempt by many to gloss over the bad stuff  in the psyche by avoiding them instead of dealing with them.  Sometimes it results in people tring to act like something they are not, but similar fakeness can be found in many areas of life anyway.  What is going from me now is the visceral dislike and irritation that used to come up over it and I would suggest that anyone who feels that  kind of visceral irritation explore it more. 
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Yeah. The reason that venting seems to work is that it just exhausts the energy and so then you feel calm and relaxed afterwards. But that energy will inevitably refill and then you're left with the same issue, and have to vent it again. And indeed, the problem is that each time you vent, because you are expressing the energy, you are just increasing the strength of that habit/pathway etc, so if this becomes your practice then you'll just end up an even more angry person. It's being reinforced.

So real purification needs to be coupled with insight practices and so on to understand anger and uproot it and be able to witness it without pushing it out nor suprressing it etc.