Within and Without by Ajahn Jayasaro

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Within and Without by Ajahn Jayasaro

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Fantastic free pdf book by Thai Forest monk Ajahn Jayasaro (Ajahn Chah lineage).

The book is a collection of FAQ about Buddhism, organised into sections on the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sanga, and then Dana, Sila, and Bhavana (mental cultivation). Serves as a good reminder (and learning resource) for experienced dharma-farers and also as a very useful primer for people becoming interested in the path.

His answers to each question are very succint and to the point. What I particularly like about this book is how it clears up a lot of popular misconceptions, assumptions and distortions that western practitioners may have about the Buddha's original teachings and way of life.

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RE: Within and Without by Ajahn Jayasaro

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Thanks for the link!