Overwhelming feeling of absolute peace and happiness while cooking

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Overwhelming feeling of absolute peace and happiness while cooking

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I've been meditating for about 4 years, 1 hour a day, at home, no retreats. I had occasionally had my blissful moments, mostly during sittings, but yesterday I went through a whole different state, during a random moment, while doing stuff in the kitchen. By far, I've never ever had this new, absolutely one of a kind sort of feeling, not during meditation, not while on acid or whatnot.

It wasn't joy or bliss, no inner fireworks. I was okay, in my normal state of mind, but the reality around me got suddenly perfect, heavenly. I looked around and it was like I had just uncovered a superior state of reality. All things around me - the floor, the objects, my cats, the light, everything looked different: eternal, perfect, as-it-should-be. The feeling didn't fade immediately, so I was able to bask for a few minutes in this unique type of relationship with my environment. I am usually good with wording, but this time I feel it's impossible to tell you what really happened. It was like the reality stole the show, and it wasn't about me anymore.

I realized during those moments that if I will ever get enlightened, this will be a process independent of my mind, almost natural, physical in a deep sense. Also, I mentally related my situation to this quote - "Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water" and felt that I finally understood it perfectly. To be clear: I am far from pretending that I reached some high enlightenment stage - I am now the same lazy and opaque ass I had been before this event, but man! Those moments!

I am no stranger from special states of mind. I had gone through some A&P moments before, I'd had my fair share of altered states of consciousness, I'd been blissful, serene, highly inspired and insighful at times, but nothing like this. It was almost the opposite of everything I had ever felt.

So - apologizing for the long text and the clumsiness of my English - what was that?
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RE: Overwhelming feeling of absolute peace and happiness while cooking

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