Reframing the question to "Help in understanding the 4th path mind"

Santiago Jimenez, modified 3 Years ago.

Reframing the question to "Help in understanding the 4th path mind"

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I recently posted the question "For those of you who consider yourselves Arhats, does that mean that you are never lost in thougth either in formal meditation or outside of it?"

I see now that the question could be asked in a more useful way, without the aggresive and challenging tone, I hope I can now ask in a way that invites discussion.

I'm specifically looking for strategies to release unhelpful thinking patterns myself; even though I can see their flickering impermanence, the "energetic pull" of some of them is still very strong. Seeing this leads me to ask, how is this for someone who has attained 4th path? I guess if we use the traditional Theravada definition, the answer would be that that there isn't any craving or aversion left, so no thought would "hook you". However, I know MCTB theory rejects this model as naive and impossible. So I guess the answer from MCTB is that the whole filed is impermanent, even being "hooked" by the thought is part of the transient impersonal field. 

Ok so I basically answered my own question there ... still would like to hear someone else's (hopefully someone at 4th path) perspective on this, and any strategies for relasing / changing unskilful mental patterns.