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Places To Meditate website

Places To Meditate website
5/27/18 5:49 AM
Hey folks

Introducing my blog which lists all the basics, plus loads of photos, on the meditation centres I’m busily visiting and trying out. Particularly here in Sri Lanka. The website is, and always will be, a work in progress, so please bear with me as it grows from the current 8 or so listings to a lot more. Currently lists centres in Nepal, Malaysia, Australia, and Sri Lanka, and is in response to the frequent DhO queries re centres like Panditarama Lumbini, etc.

Link here


Please Like or Comment if you’re a Wordpress user, so it climbs up the listings. Please also forgive the basic nature of the information, as I didn’t want to diminish the value of the blog by getting into detailed and subjective discussions on the teachers, their (possible) attainments, the vagaries of methods, my opinions on this or that, etc. Instead it’s all about the kind of info I’ve found a struggle to get when deciding whether to travel all the way to a centre and devote some weeks to practicing there. Think of it like a travel blog as opposed to in-depth practice discussion.

Please get in touch if you see any incorrect info in there, or if you have any questions, although best to do that on the blog itself so everyone can learn from what you’ve got to add or subtract. 

A quick note is that I’m finding Sri Lanka a paradise for experienced meditators who just want quiet places with decent accommodation, good food, low cost, and often little to no (or optional) teacher involvement, so you can just get busy working on your practice. There are literally dozens of very decent and well-supported centres around the country that you’re welcome to practice at for as long as you like. And with 6 months worth of visas easy to come by (initial 30-day visa extendable for 5 more months), this is the place to be for wide open practice options. 

Also if, like me, you’re travelling around sampling centres/monasteries and collecting photos and info, then get in touch and we can look at adding you as a contributor. Thanks for reading, and I hope this blog helps loads of people get moving to good practice venues. 

Updated listing for search terms in case it helps, as at 27 May 2018:
Vajirarama University Forest Solitude, Bowalawatta, Sri Lanka
Na Uyana Forest Monastery, Sri Lanka
Nissarana Vanaya, Mitirigala, Sri Lanka
Sumathipala, Kanduboda, Sri Lanka
Siyane, Kanduboda, Sri Lanka
Dhamma Rasmi, Pomona, Australia
Panditarama Lumbini, Nepal
Buddhist Hermitage Lunas, Penang, Malaysia
Devanapathis, Pallekelle, Sri Lanka 

With metta!

RE: Places To Meditate website
5/4/18 8:23 AM as a reply to Peter S.
I don't think this link works, at least not for me. 

RE: Places To Meditate website
5/4/18 11:16 AM as a reply to Tashi Tharpa.
Sorry Tashi - I don’t know why it’s so tricky to set up a link here, but it’s now done. Please see original post. And thanks for bringing that to my attention!

RE: Places To Meditate website
5/4/18 4:06 PM as a reply to Peter S.

RE: Places To Meditate website
5/4/18 10:04 PM as a reply to Peter S.
Thank you so much Peter. This is just in time for my visit to Sri Lanka tomorrow! emoticon

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