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Expert Needed for Research Project on Enlightened Masters!

Hello, I'm a high school student who has been assigned to create a research project on a topic of my choosing. Since I am interested in attaining Buddhahood as soon as possible, I chose to write an essay pertaining to enlightened masters, how to find them, and whether it is necessary to find a master to reach enlightenment, to begin with. One of the requirements is to interview someone who is knowledgeable in the chosen field. The interview should take less than 10 minutes and can take place over Skype, or, email if that is preferred. Please message me if you, or someone that you know, is interested in taking part. 

Also, you'll get a finished copy of the essay!

Thanks in advance emoticon

RE: Expert Needed for Research Project on Enlightened Masters!
5/17/18 9:45 PM as a reply to Adams Sissoko.
Sure, I would be happy to talk with you about this. My Skype address is dan iel m in g ram without the spaces. I should be free Sunday.