Astral Triangles

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Astral Triangles

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I went on a retreat with some friends for about 11 days in early April in France at a rented castle called Chateau du Buffalo in the countryside of Normandy, France, and we did the fire kasina.

Towards the very end, when my concentration was getting moderately strong but not as strong as it had gotten on some other retreats, I was out on the lawn at the dark end of twilight drawing symbols in the air, mostly triangles, as that seemed to be the theme of the retreat for me.

I could see the ghostly light trail off my fire wand like luminous syrup onto the air in front of me as I drew the triangles. Then, for reasons unknown, I closed my eyes, and there, in a black space, I saw this brilliantly clear vision, like perfect CGI, not the shaky, pixilated stuff that had comprised most of the images I saw on that retreat.

There was a perfect golden pyramid about 10cm wide at the base rotating slowly in space as if dangling from an invisible string at about arms length. In front of it, forming something like a loose tunnel, were three stable golden triangles open made of what appeared to be brass or gold with a few small symbols on them. These pyramids had sides about 1.5cm wide, open middles, and appeared to be about 5mm thick from front to back. The first was about framing the pyramid but coming towards me, so that the triangle closest to the pyramid was the smallest triangle and was about 15cm tall, the next about 20cm tall, and the closest one to me was about 25cm tall and mere inches from my face.

I watched the pyramid rotate for perhaps less than a minute, and then opened my eyes, and, when I closed them again, the image was gone.

The though struck me, “Wow, if drawing that relatively weakly glowing triangle with my wand created some much more elaborate, stylized, perfected, clear, complex triangle-like arrangement on some other plane of experience that I am not normally aware of, what is all the rest of what I do doing on that plane and perhaps on many other planes of experience? I must admit that I had no idea that was happening, and thus must admit  that my knowlege of the magickal implications of everything I do must encompass only a very small portion of what is actually going on.”

I found this oddly humbling and perspective modifying. It added yet another layer of awe regarding the vast and intricate thing which is Karma.

While this might seem either a very obvious or very trivial insight, I keep reflecting on it many times per day with other simple actions, pondering what in the world they look like and are doing on the plane of experience on which I saw the golden triangles and pyramid.

Food for thought.

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RE: Astral Triangles

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A similar reflection on the complexity of karma led me down the rabbit hole for some months of minimising my karmic footprint. I'd be so careful of where I sat, what I said, what I did, what I ate, who I met, who I touched, what I thought, what I desired and so on. Life became too restrictive, but it was good at the time to rein in my karmic expenditure, since I was trying to clear up a giant Karma pile.

For better or for worse I still retain the ability to see to some degree if an action is going to be karmically heavy or light (not good vs bad, but simple vs complex) for me to process, and it informs my life.

However it's very liberating to be blind to it all, to have the freedom to act without knowing everything has a cost. Sometimes I wish and do get this blindness, so I can just be normal.

P.S. drawing genuine yantras even in the mind's eye will result in a shift in consciousness, since you didn't mention any I assume these geometric objects were falling short of being full yantras, but could be building blocks?
P.p.s. did you see any forms in the fire, such as the fire good Agni or any strange movements? I find it's possible to get friendly with the fire, like a pet
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RE: Astral Triangles

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Of course, it's always possible that the three stable, golden triangles were making Daniel draw his triangles. Just kidding! (I think.)  
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RE: Astral Triangles

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So you've mastered Bigby's Astral Triangles eh ?