Sound Bath Experience

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Sound Bath Experience

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Ive been having strong intuition & even visionary - type signs to do more energy healing & alternative therapies to help descend into this body of mine.  I went to a sound bath tonight.  I could clearly tell that for an earlier practitioner, the experience would primarily be about cycling through ones cutting edge Nana.  Also , therapeutic emotional purification could be the main event.  My intention was set on energetic healing for the sake of spiritual growth , and not the other way around.

i found that by focusing on the warm cloud above my skin that I associate with chi, I could notice how the many singing bowls, gongs & drums were affecting this energy field via resonance at the frequency they were producing.  It was like a massage for this buzzing pool of non physical stuff.  It got better when I included the part of energy that goes into & through the body as well.  

I made this resonance my concentration object for the hour.  I believe it worked as planned.  I intend to return.