Roar: Signal to noise ratio - authentic teachings and practices

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Roar: Signal to noise ratio - authentic teachings and practices

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The presentation of authentic dharma for effective practical application across changing conditions over time. The viable and valid conceptual frames of reference relevant to learning core techniques consistently throughout development which do not loose or change relevance, significance or meaning in the process or upon completion.

What are the important considerations for authenticity of interpretation in direct relation to practical application and realization? How was comprehensive insight and understanding initially coded in 'the lions roar'? How was and is the roar apprehended, interpreted and applied. What consistently defines or characterizes authentic dynamic transmission of dharma across longer eras and ages, in the near past, present and near future?

Focusing on the content and communication of the core message of dharma before attending to causes and conditions spoken to and how it's 'dharma nature' then accomplishes this experiential relevance through applied practices. Informed by engaging threads not strongly linked to the practical agenda of the forum. Suggesting a cautious and historically informed orientation in an attempt to foster a constructive and cooperative approach and not a deconstructive or divisive debate.

No wide ranging discussions of memes and models. Instead focus on well defined universal constants that serve as anchors and reference points in consistently explicit and clear understanding throughout the teachings. Not complex doctrinal formulations but criteria of key elements in authentic compositions. These must be accessible to listeners and learners in whole and in part and not merely to an accomplished elite or this is effectively a secret language in 'encrypted code'. There must be some continuity of consistently accessible pre and post awakening reference points. eg. Right view as presented, received, practiced and fully comprehended.
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RE: Roar: Signal to noise ratio - authentic teachings and practices

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The very nature of what is trying to be communicated, the perspectives and backgrounds of the persons receiving the teaching, and the very nature of impermanence and the organic process of realization itself makes the aim of this topic seem widely ungraspable.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt...can you give one example that meets the scope of this discussion? Or, on the other hand, can you more clearly define conditions such as "over time" in your first sentence?
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RE: Roar: Signal to noise ratio - authentic teachings and practices

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It is pretty cryptic, reason being this a product of notes to about 100 posts in several threads notably 'Family Resemblances and Models of Enlightenment' and is a continuation of my comments and questions in 'Classical Enlightenment via Expert Systems' where I was concerned about heading too far off topic. Three main concerns: 1. Meet the intentions of the forum. 2. The elephant in the room, the traditional but real and serious concerns. And 3. A real shared interest in dharma unalloyed by opportunistic accretions of all kinds. Clear, consistent and efficacious in the presentation, the reception, the practice and the realization of the goal.

By the time notes were bullet points it was still long, at 2000 words barely enough to remind me what it means. Besides mutual goals might best be mutually define to foster a group effort from the largest expert group. As an example of anchoring themes, both traditional and contemporary forms somewhat reinterpret right view but points of reference have to remain somewhat consistent to preserve the integrity of the whole structure from beginning to end. Like a constant in math or physics, right view always runs through everything while presenting, learning, practicing and realizing dharma while all along working through the experience of conditions which are impermanent flux.

I attempted to find the real objectives of these engagements and distill these within a more cooperative and collaborative process where all could contribute to and validate - a core conception of the method of teaching and learning in harmony with the type of core meditation practices to follow (which are the central focus of the site) and also in harmony with the presentation of degrees of and of final realization. I think strong traditional forms meet many of these criteria and others which might also together inform new forms which can be both faithful to the old and will be skillful forms in our times.