Stealing invonturarily energy from others

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Stealing invonturarily energy from others

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Hey all
I’ve noticed lately that I seem to be stealing invonturarily energy from others.
Sometimes it’s in a small proportion, other times allot when Kundalini etc are active.
It seems like it is because of lack of own prana energy or bad relationship with worry, fear.

It is something I rather not do atleast in not an high amount, maybe one can’t stop it all I don’t know, but sometimes when it feels it is much I can sense from who it is and that he/she seems to be reactive to it, maybe it is just in my mind I don’t know. Nowadays I rather not have much eye contact because of it which just might trigger it more since I resist my worryness?

Anyone else experienced likewise and what did you do regarding it?
I’m trying to work with it but might help with comming out with it here or hearing some insights from others.

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RE: Stealing invonturarily energy from others

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You might try practicing metta or the other brahma viharas. That way, rather than stealing energy from others you will be giving positive energy away. And the wonderful thing about love is that no matter how much we give, it only grows.