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body buzzing and oscillating
7/4/18 5:34 PM
I've been dealing with some interesting bodily sensations for ten or fifteen years, off and on, and I'm not sure if they could be construed as A&P events due to the length of time they've been happening.
Now I wish I could pinpoint exactly when they started, because I did practice meditation for the first time around twelve years ago, but my timeline might be a little off. 
Basically, I feel a subtle vibration throughout my entire body that seems to be between four and five hundred hertz. The strangest part, is that I don't notice it at all, until the buzzing suddenly stops and all is still, and in that instant my body feels so quiet that I think I've died (dramatic but true) and a mere moment later the vibration will resume. I have never noticed this during the actual meditation process, but it might make these sensations occur more frequently. It also seems to occur more at night and bedtime. The feeling is actually rather pleasant, if I don't get anxiety when it stops.
The other sensation I occasionally get, I like to call oscillating, but what it really feels like, is as if my heart were pounding at around 300 bpm's and I could feel it through my entire body. This one doesn't suddenly stop like the vibrations. It's also more easily noticed when I'm laying down, and it sometimes takes me a moment to determine if that sensation is my mattress shaking or if the sensation is isolated inside my body. So far it has never been my mattress. 

Anyone else ever feel this? What could it be?