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5/8/09 6:17 PM
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Hi. I started practicing meditation only last July, and then more seriously this January. I am reading Daniel Ingram's book and really liking it. = ) thank u so much! A lot of my preconceptions are sort of being "Shattered'' at the moment and this happens a lot to me. I guess i have that 'grandiose' thinking 'You can't touch this' interpretation.

There are a lot of questions and confusion now. I am guessing its common

RE: Hello!
5/8/09 6:22 PM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.
Hey mindful1983,


What are some of the preconceptions you feel have been shattered? How has that affected your approach to practice?


RE: Hello!
5/9/09 12:31 AM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.
i guess about the 'superman'' stigma, and also the trust in teachers, or the respect to be given to monasteries, and monks.
i was thinking about becoming a monk ! (so im kinda... u know shocked, relieved).. i dont need to do it. and perhaps retreats are ok.

hopefully it will strengthen my practice and lead it in the right direction = )

RE: Hello!
5/9/09 5:48 AM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.
Hi Mindful,

You seem to have a strong desire to make progress in insight, which is great. I'm a householder in every sense of the word. I've never been on a meditation retreat (save for some long sessions at home while on vacation). I used to fantasize about being a monk all the time, and I think that ordination is valuable for both monastics and lay people. But you don't have to be a monk or nun to make life changing progress. This is wonderful news emoticon

Looking forward to hearing more from you.


RE: Hello!
5/9/09 6:23 AM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.
thank you Jackson to both replies! It's also very motivating to see someone like you. I read some of your posts.
I think i wanted to be a monk because I felt it was so much easier without having to deal with the world as it takes a lot of discipline. I admire your discipline ! Way to go dude! !

I am also very fortunate to have no wife or kids, obligations or debt.
I guess, feeling a lack of a sense of purpose or fulfillment in having a normal job, like its just a waste of time, no one really benefiting.

I hope to keep practicing and stayin in this site. I'm learning already! I'm also finding Shinzen Young's site helpful!

RE: Hello!
5/9/09 7:21 AM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.
Author: JamesAlexander

I have thought a great deal about these things and I have come to the conclusion that practice must pervade life. In a certain sense, the most important time too practice is when your "in the shit". When you were informed that you won the lottery - did you practice? When you saw a friend punched down on the street - did you practice? When your mother died...!!

If we're only able to practice when on the zafu we create a dualistic conception of practice time vs. non-practice time. I suppose shamata practice needs ideal surroundings, especially for us beginners, but insight related practices I truly believe should be carried along all the time!!

I try to remember myself all through the day, meaning that I as often as possible try to rest in the witnessing capacity of the mind. I've discovered something quite interesting. The capacity to rest in bare attention/witnessing seems to solidify when things really get intense (it happens automatic) or when I voluntarily slide into it in formal meditation (intentional). The hardest time to practice this being-aware-of-everything-and-the-thing-thats-being-aware-type of practice seems to be in between these two extremes. Like when your hanging out with friends, watching tv, writing a forum post etc.

So one of my greatest challenges so far, in terms of practice, has been how to integrate the formal and the informal ways of practice with "normal life", basically because if I can't practice in a normal life situation there's not that much time left to do it in...

...but I must admit that "a monks life" does seem alluring, especially when your dealing with your x girlfriend, unpaid bills or a mother who's on visit and staying in your apartment for a week ;)

Rock on mindful1983!!

RE: Hello!
5/9/09 7:59 AM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.
hi jamesAlexander. Thanks forthe reply,

I agree its really challenging to practice informally, especially the times when caught ''Off-guard''. My challenge is having enough energy to stay mindful from wake to sleep. Some days are easier, some days are harder as anxiety, stress, craving can really drain energy.

good luck with ur x, mom, and bills.