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Advaita vs Buddhism

Advaita vs Buddhism
5/19/09 7:54 AM
Author: Crazywisdom
Forum: Dharma Overground Discussion Forum

There is a thread over at were someone is claiming strongly that only Buddhism with it`s doctrine of dependent origination alows one to reach the highest stage of enlightenment. Can any of you with actual experience of the territory of enlightenment comment on this?

RE: Advaita vs Buddhism
5/19/09 12:38 PM as a reply to Wet Paint.
This has been debated like nuts around here. I think the common consensus is that "both are good and both lead to pretty much the same thing, just do it and find out for yourself." Personally I have used both buddhist and advaitist techniques and found both to be of great for various reasons, some of which overlap.