How accurate do you think this sounds?

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How accurate do you think this sounds?

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Was reading this and it pretty much sums up my experience of spiritual "gurus"
The Old Wise
After the anima and animus, the archetypes of
the old wise man and the great mother arise, respectively in man and

The old wise man appears in the form of king, hero,
medicine man, savior, magician, saint, ruler over man and spirits, God's
closest friend and so on. This archetype is a real danger for the
personality, because once it has been aroused, a man can easily believe
that he possesses ‘mana’, real magical power, and wisdom. He who is
possessed by this archetype believes he is gifted with great (maybe
esoteric) wisdom, prophetic gifts, the ability to heal and so on. Such a
man can gather followers, as he has entered the unconscious way further
than anybody else.

The archetype has a fascinating power,
intuitively felt by people and not easily resisted. They are fascinated
by what he is saying, but after analysis it is often not intelligent.
The power of the old wise man can be destructive as it forces a man to
act above his power and capacity. He does not posses the wisdom he
claims. In reality it is the voice of the unconscious that should be
subjected to criticism and analysis.

From Carl Jung I believe.