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Vipassana: Noting/Mahasi Style

my noting dilemmas pertaining to mind intruding into body or vice versa

I just began noting practice on my last retreat and at first my tongue would often move as if to mouth the mental note of the moment but towards the end of the retreat I gained a certain degree of mastery over that.
Now it happens only occasionally except when concerned with the noting category of mental thoughts. Noting those are hugely disruptive. I find that whenever I note "thought" the far back portion of my tongue which is practically my throat contracts and often stops the flow of my breath along with the rhythm of my noting.

so... I just haven't done it enough, right? and to do it more is to get to the point where the noting is entirely liminal, taking place exclusively in the brain, or whatever, right?

RE: my noting dilemmas pertaining to mind intruding into body or vice versa
8/26/10 11:43 AM as a reply to limbic sail.
Those sorts of effects, movements, throat stuff, breath stuff, etc. all are a natural part of being in the early stages of practice, particularly the 2nd and 3rd insight stages (Cause and Effect, and Three Characteristics). That is just what those stages are like and it is not a problem.

Those effects pass as one progresses to the higher stages, which is not accomplished by fighting those side effects but just by good old sensate investigation of those and other processes and sensate occurrences.

In short, the specifics are not as important as the investigation of the true nature of those specifics.

You may have noticed that you are describing insights that you have perceived for yourself on your own power:

No-Self: these irritating things come and go and you can't control them.
Suffering: these things that you can't control and come and go are irritating.
Impermanence: these irritating things that you can't control come and go.

Notice how you are directly perceiving something very important and to be appreciated.

This is the way the insight game is played, but it is counter-intuitive for nearly all until they get used to it and realize that this is actually what they are looking for rather than a problem.



RE: my noting dilemmas pertaining to mind intruding into body or vice versa
8/26/10 6:16 PM as a reply to Daniel M. Ingram.
Hmmm. Then I suppose my dilemma lies more around where I have parsed myself to be on the maps.

Encountering these problems I had thought that it was in the stage of equanimity, since I had subtle sensations all over my body but nothing approaching rapture and had just seemingly come out of the dark night which would seem like something I've been in since december when I passed a relatively a relatively weak A&P, from what I've read...
But I have a dilemma with that since my life in general has been a squalid depression, so I wonder if i really crossed the A&P due to the fleetingness of my encounter- basically two days of the good stuff that goes along with it, then I was right back to relative suffering. But since I did a sit/serve at a goenka center this past summer, my depression has palliated greatly and so with the culmination of the retreat I returned from just on sunday, I had sort of felt comfortable considering myself as being in equanimity.
is it possible that my concentration abilities haven't paralleled my vipassana jhanas? because I do experience a relative wealth of subtle vibration nowadays in my meditations. or is it just the case that I am finally at a, uh, normal for lack of better word quality of mind?
or is it just with a new technique that one has to fit it to the form of the jhanas they have? or potentially just my off retreat concentration is flagging so i haven't gotten by the first three nanas in each sitting, considering how one goes through each of them up to wherever they have attained every time that they sit. (that is true right? i've heard someone say that potentially all one will experience is equanimity, although they go through each of the nanas everytime you sit- does that mean that they go by very fast or that they go by however fast yet more predominantly with characteristics of whatever jhana they are in?)

RE: my noting dilemmas pertaining to mind intruding into body or vice versa
8/26/10 8:57 PM as a reply to limbic sail.
Subtle vibrations are likely early A&P, and the Cause and Effect phenomena of noting or noticing altering the breath continues through the A&P and vanishes in Dissolution.

Chances are you have risen up and fallen back a number of times along the say.