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What was that? A/P?

Alex, modified 2 Years ago.

What was that? A/P?

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I literally just woke up after an unusual event. I had a very vivid dream and sort of woke up in deep meditation. In my confusion I thought I had taken DMT, because I was traveling through a tunnel towards something unknown. This deep primal fear emerged, but "I" Iet go. Eventually it seemed like "I" was viewing something intelligent in a semi-bright white light. No thoughts. No feelings. But still I think there was something observed. Obviously I have no idea how long I lasted in this egoless space, but it felt like seconds. I had a minor headache afterwards, but no feelings of bliss.

Now, what confuses me is that before bed I had just gone through a clear DN that had lasted for a couple of hours. How come an A/P happened?

I reckon this must be 2nd path A/P as this is the second time I have experienced something like this. As far as I understand you dont have two A/P events in one cycle of insight. And you don't have A/P events in review, yeah?

Any thoughts on this?

Much appreciated. Much Love.