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How do you know if you have attained stream entry?

Author: bboyYen
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How do you know if you have attained stream entry?

Put very simply, some time ago. I got into Buddhism, most seriously when I bought the book Liberating Insight - Frits Koster.

So I tried practicing meditation. And there were some moments over the course of time from the time of getting the book and now that I had certain moments of insight.

But I don't remember a moment of attaining enlightenment.

Anyways the point is I never really meditated, or had a regular practice of meditation.

Sometimes I had moments of insight from thinking, and the more powerful ones would be from meditation.

Basically I'm just really afraid, I'm in despair at the declining state of the internet, the more complicated and kind of more annoying way and decline of buddhism, the decline of the world in general and my possible going to hell.

I don't want to go to hell, before I thought that possibly I had been a stream winner at the time of the Buddha and thus that's how I am now.

Another belief is that I'm possibly a cula-sotapanna, but not really.

Also ever since then, actually just the quality of my life in general has just declined. I can't really masturbate with any pleasure any more, I get more and more miserable every day.

This sucks, I believe I'm headed for suicide. I mean, where is the end.

There was actually a point where shortly after getting the book I realized that it made me suffer more than usual, so I gave up Buddhism, LOL.

anyways help me.

RE: How do you know if you have attained stream entry?
5/26/09 12:56 PM as a reply to Wet Paint.
Hi bboyYen,

It sounds like you're really hurting. I think you made the right decision in your current situation to give up Buddhism. Right now it sounds like you need to talk to a professional counselor or therapist to help you work through what you you're going through. There's no shame in seeing a counselor and they can really help! There's no need to go it alone.

Please, seek out some face-to-face (or at least voice-to-voice) help. And as well meaning as folks here are, we aren't trained professionals. Internet bulletin boards don't help in situations like these. If you feel like it's a life-threatening emergency, remember you can always call 911. Or you can ask your doctor or someone you trust to give you the name of someone you can talk to. But please, seek help!

RE: How do you know if you have attained stream entry?
5/26/09 12:57 PM as a reply to Wet Paint.
Dear bboyYen,

Your post is troubling on a number of fronts, and what help can be garnered from some internet posts I am not sure, but I can tell you this: you sound like you need to talk to someone, and someone locally, meaning where you are, and someone there who has a good perspective on life, skill in dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts, and can get you the help you need. Where are you located and what resources do you have to talk with somebody who can help you there? What sort of social support do you have, such as friends and family? Utilize them as best you can if you have them. I looked at you profile and found nothing there: can you give us a little more to go on so that we might offer what limited advice we can? The treatment of depression and suicidal ideation is best done in coordination with people on the ground where you are, so make sure you find that help there if at all possible, as while meditation and depression can have some correlations, this site is not specifically set up to help in the way you may need. Your local emergency department or mental health center may be a good start if they have those resources wherever you live. I would advise you contact them sooner rather than later.

As to how to know if you have attained stream entry: all the criteria are laid out in MCTB, which can be found here: It also gives all sorts of advice on navigating some of the difficult territory of meditation, but I think I would start with more down-to-earth advice as given above.

RE: How do you know if you have attained stream entry?
6/1/09 10:30 PM as a reply to Wet Paint.
Author: AngelinaChan-Ong


I was reading your other post, then this one, and I think I must answer your question.

How to know if you are a Stream Winner? I've read somewhere that there are some people who does not know. And yet those who have become Stream Winners will know, when they experience Nibbana for the first time.

How to experience Nibbana? You will know, if you are meditating and you really experience that state of non-being and not-becoming. It's not empty, as it is more empty than emptiness itself. When we talk about emptiness, there is still space for us to know that it's empty. When it is Nibbana, you know that whatever it is will not happen anymore because it's got no reason to occur.

You can't masturbate with pleasure anymore? Then don't masturbate. The more you meditate, your sexual desire will be appeased as it is not triggered, it is a natural process. So why be so worried about it?

Free yourself from this gripping thought. It's a natural process for some. I had grieved at the thought of the decliine of the Buddha Dhamma, I had thought that I'd kill myself at some point too. But what's the point of killing myself if I had not even achieved the first stage of sainthood? I'd only be back in this stupid cycle again and again and worse, not knowing if I have the merits enough to come in contact with Buddhism once more.

Take advantage of this present life. Strive for it, be without regret. Just go on, meditate and practice. Be at least a Sotapanna, then the world is not such a difficult battle after all.