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I'm stuck
8/26/18 7:18 PM
Hey all

I've had an issue for a while that have gotten worse since I came into A&P with a kundalini awakening.
I can only be aware in meditation of front of my face. It is bugging me since I feel quite plain in insights and experiences.
Once when I smoked cannabis I ended up having a huge stream of insights that I think I should have had way earlier in my insight practice. Afterwards I came to same square as before and those insights dropped of.
This buggles me allot since it seems a part of me is experience allot of things that I'm not aware of. 
I'm trying to be aware of the sensations at my face but it dosen't lead to much. I don't think it is a dissociate issue, more a sensation thing. 

Anyone gone through this or knows what I might have to do, letting things just happen in the background feels very concerning and something I just can't drop out 

RE: I'm stuck
8/27/18 7:40 AM as a reply to Stefan Johansson.
Hey Stefan,

When you sit until you feel pain or numbness in your legs, can you meditate on the pain?

If you can only be aware of your face, maybe try alternating just your nose, then your forhead, then your cheeks, then your lips.

Or try one pinpoint location and slowly try to grow your feeling the larger area around it. Then repeat. Keep doing it till you can get to your ears, then maybe you'll be able to get to your neck and so on.