*Help wanted* Started feeling irritating vibrations in my day-to-day.

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*Help wanted* Started feeling irritating vibrations in my day-to-day.

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Hello Dharma Friends,

Thanks in advance for your patience, this read will make for bathroom reading. So I've been using Mahshi style noting more intently for the last 2 weeks. 

My technique involves:
1. Noting movement sensations in the abdomen as it rises and falls w/ breath (This is my fall-back object)
2. Noticing (and then attempting to note) different sensations that arise in my body and mind. If this is done well, my noting speeds up and I can start to notice things more quickly! This ends up w/ the attention noticing different parts of the body seemingly randomly (is this choiceless awareness?). So my attention would for example flit between body parts that are far away. 
2.A. 2 Finger attention switching exercise in MCTB (Focus on both tips of both index fingers, notice attention flickering between the two and track the ends and beginnings of the sensing) (My hope was that this will help me notice the beginnings and ends of each sensation w/ more clarity (but the ends are usually interrupted by the beginning of the next sensation emoticon Maybe my awareness isn't fast enough yet?)

I also attempt to notice the 3Cs by 1) trying to notice the ends of sensations (Impermanence), 2) Tracking down unpleasant sensations (Suffering), 3) Just noticing stuff (whilst making sure to surrender to the experience) (No-self).

After having done some of the above-mentioned noting work more intently (for say about 1/2 weeks), I've run into a weird discovery. I've noticed that in my day-to-day life I'm able to notice pretty much effortlessly some vibrations in my body in random places (these are like the pulse of a heart beat but impossibly fast) and it makes me more irritable. These vibrations are like little insects pestering my awareness. I'm attributing the discovery of these sensations to my leveled-up mindfulness (but 1) I don't feel much different, 2) I might be deluding myself).

The only times that these vibrations don't irritate me is when I try to note their impermance (I try to find their beginnings and ends as clearly as I can). Thus I only find relief in meditation.

These have gotten annoying to the point where I've thought that "death ain't that bad if it can help me with this, things will be quiet for a while". I'm not going to meet it early, but I'd just thought I'd share that thought emoticon 

My hope is that continually noticing the 3Cs more clearly will eventually lead to stream-entry. 

Anyways, if you'd like to help. Here are a couple question I have, my friends:
1. Will this lead to stream-entry?
2. How's my technique (are there any pitfalls or holes in my knowledge on the way to the enlightenment bank?)?
3. What stage on the maps am I on? I'm thinking 1st vipassana 3Cs (LINK), but I haven't realized the characteristics of the stages preceding it (Mind + Body, Cause + Effect)?

Thanks in advance Dharma friends!
- Victor

Tl;dr Vibrating shit-sandwich popped up in my hand (or body), looking for reassurance.
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RE: *Help wanted* Started feeling irritating vibrations in my day-to-day.

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Hey Victor,

I think you're doing great! The following advice comes from personal experience (not a qualified teacher). 

First path 3C's stage did have irritating vibratory qualities for me as well as I found it to be the most difficult to process stage. Just because you didn't notice the previous two stages doesn't mean you haven't crossed them. It does sound like 3C territory but keep the maps in your back pocket and don't give them too much thought (or else you'll find yourself in many places you that you aren't, as I did many, many times ;) )

If meditating on these annoyances makes them easier to process in daily life, great! You're already doing off-cushion practice, which is incredibly valuable. 

It really does sound like you're doing the right things. You see the simplicity of the practice. Watching the 3c's through 6 sense doors. So simple. "The Ingram Special" as I've come to celebrate it after MCTB changed my life forever. Yes, it can lead to stream entry if you continue to go back to the basics through thick and thin.

Best of luck!