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Unconditional Looooove...
9/4/10 4:22 PM
I'm wondering about an exeperience i had several years ago whilst chatting with a teacher. We were chatting casually,
when suddenly I felt something sorta spin in my mind. How I describe it was as if I were cycling a bike with gears, and the chain
slipped, and suddenly i'm peddling more quickly. Then what I guess is referred to as 'my mask' began to melt away. About
one foot out from me. Something just faded away, and then I was filled with an experience of what i can only describe as unsonditional love. Suddenly a love filled me, a love in which i realised that no matter what i might do in my existence, this
love would never deny me. Simply no act, terrible as though it might be, this love would always accept me. Then, in my imagination i was taken to a cliff edge and shown that my true self was to be found far below in a valley. A long journey away. Next a deep existential fear began to rise within me. Of the nature of being stuck on this planet hurtling through space.
I realised that there are deep existential fears within me, that can only be faced into through the strength and support of this love that i was experienceing.... At the same time as all this is going on inside of me, another part of my brain is going: "Pull yourself
together". I was aware that i'd suddenly fallen silent and the teacher was looking at me. I was quite self conscious. I did feel as though the love was coming through him, but he seemed unaware of this. Part of me was thinking, he thinks i've gone mad.
So i got myself unstuck, wanted to give the teacher a hug, but all i could say to him was that he was a good man, and that i needed to go...

Any ideas what that was all about?

RE: Unconditional Looooove...
9/5/10 5:02 AM as a reply to Donal Quirke.
Dude some pretty intense and strong things happen when one meditates, and one is liable to feel a lot of things. Strong feelings often ignite little stories in our minds, which then inflame into full-fledged hallucinations (such as love emanating from someone else).

I suggest you just really enjoy it like you would fireworks and make no bigger fuss about it than you would with fireworks.

RE: Unconditional Looooove...
9/11/10 12:01 PM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
lately over the past 3 weeks, ive been feeling this connection with Love, metta, compassion, positive feelings. i have developed my intuiton and sensitivity to energy partly because of the stages of insight, where i am, and perhaps other energy practices.

i feel love very much, especially while meditating with a group or talking with people emanating it. i cannot see it, though i do now experience an energetic connection to people, like our chakras connect when we are in communication, with a feeling like theres energy connecting from the top of their heads to mine. felt not as vibrations but tingling, electrical

i can relate with what u described as 'the teacher doesn't know it', because when one is more enlightened, they can more effortlessly radiate metta, karuna, they don't need to look like they're doing it. on some occassions when my chi was strong and very open, i used the opportunity to radiate it as much as possible to peeps

i have noticed great improvements in my ability to do such. the swirling in your head, i can relate to based on my energy practices. if someone/i put my hand on my head, i feel swirling light. just by being around a highly enlightened peep, he can activate Chi flow in you. or not even necessarily enlightened, but by being around people who know how to throw around energy. Bonus if he's enlightened.

The chi flow, what i think it does is it can promote healing of course, health, sukkha/bliss, love. can it promote insight? im not sure, but i guess it supports it very much and can accelerate it.

thats what i think is happening..
although Bruno you're an energy veteran, right? am i making sense

RE: Unconditional Looooove...
9/11/10 12:08 PM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.
ps. i got 3rd path about late June.. but only experienced the energy connection more dramatically a few weeks ago. I think it may also be partly because of trying to develop my intuitive and healing abilities, thus causing that connection and sensitivity to people's and my own energy

RE: Unconditional Looooove...
9/11/10 12:43 PM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.

although Bruno you're an energy veteran, right? am i making sense

Well, actually, no, I'm not :-) I do have a very active energy system, or, let's say, looking at things from the energetic perspective was what made more sense to me so far. I tend to think in terms of flows, blockages, and I have had some direct evidence that the condition of the energy body relates directly to perceptive and cognitive abilities.

So while I know what you mean when you say you felt "love flowing out of you" or "out from someone else," as I have had similar experiences, my guess is that what actually happens is someone looks as though, or tells you that, he/she is feeling/channeling love to you, is that you readily generate, within your own body, what that "would feel like."

It might actually be more complicated than this, since there do seem to be odd sensibilities "at a distance" --- such as feeling someone is looking at you from behind, which is a surprisingly well studied ability, or the sensation of someone's hand interfering with your energy body without actually touching you. But what exactly is happening (is it an electro-magnetic field thing? is it just imagination?) needs more thorough research, imho.

Which is not to say that playing with energy body stuff (emanating love and whatnot) shouldn't be done --- it's all well and fun, and seems to have actual physiological implications for one's health. My only point is that just because you see, in your visual field, an "aura of love," that doesn't mean this aura is anywhere beyond your own visual cortex.

But you can make an experiment: just look at a random person in the street (maybe someone who's sitting down for a while), and actively imagine that there is love flowing out of this person's heart into you. I suspect that if you hone this practice, you will eventually be able to do it with anyone in a relatively short amount of time. If that does happen, doesn't it mean it was always your imagination all along?

RE: Unconditional Looooove...
9/11/10 10:33 PM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
even to the non-yogi, they can feel the effect and difference of being in a 'high frequency', blessed or sacred place.

I pointed it out to my brother when we visit our grandmother. She is very religious and has a very sacred feeling to her room,
i cant see energy but i get the impression that she is being 'watched over'.

just recently i attended a group healing session, and some peeps were seeing orbs flying around the room, and we've
experienced the same thing with the swirling light in our third eye area triggered by outside person.

im just a newbie but ive been learning to manipulate the energy, just like people can learn to play catch with chi balls, or
when we do this minute long tibetan exercise where we really create powerful chi balls, then we put it in our crown or in our heart, i can really feel the bliss wave or the energy.

i think maybe a key factor for it to work between people is that they have to somewhat 'resonate' with each other first, have to be in the same wavelength. If not, then their energy circuits have a weak / no connection. from my experience what promotes this resonance is just openness, and i guess bonus if there's intent. so if you have intent to receive metta, the more you receive, but nevertheless, even being open, it will affect you.

if the experiment with the person on the street was done and i was sitting right next to him or maybe less than 3 feet away, and he was also relaxed or meditating, if i had strong energy, or if it was a veteran doing it, and i would visualize swirling light of metta eminating and piercing through his chakras, i think he'd feel something and come out of that session more relaxed.

There were times that i've felt my energy all the way up to a foot beyond me, especially when eating raw food diet.
i've also been doing these Donna Eden exercises (she has a new-agey look but has very powerful stuff), that also have a noticeable strong effect on me. (3 feet away is what she mentions in her book the usual distance where we feel other people). she also mentions our nervous system having a 36 mile radar coverage area...)

The group healing sessions were something that really exhibited how real it was for me. its called inner dance
i feel in meditation sessions, peoples energy circuits are more kept to themselves, while in healing sessions or inner dance sessions, its really about keeping the chi flowing around.

i think a place being sacred has also helps a lot. if every thing is energy and has a vibrational frequency, not just our bodies, then the busy street will probably be a harder area to work with.

I think when we have a strong connection with people, i.e. our family members and close friends, we pick up what they radiate more. this 'feels' so true, im sure to everyone. the problem with this is it then brings up 'the other factors', ie, knowing each others body language, knowing each others habits and behavioral patterns, and what we may be feeling could also be triggered from past memory conditioning and not from actual present moment energy radiance/projection alone.. Thats how i would think of it, but directlly experiencing the energy in real-time makes me a believer. Ive been warned of the bad effects of 'being too open' too, as this also allows negativity to enter us. At times ive felt this pretty strongly, recently in a bookstore.

Pre-stream entry and 1st path, 2nd path, I've had a lot of really high-chi times where i've really felt wild stuff happening but all inside my body or only manifested to the outside world through my perception, sight and speed of noticeing the outside world.

but with 3rd path, the high-chi effect is no longer just inside my body, but also outside. this sensitivity does get stronger and weaker, i would also have to watch it for the next few weeks/months to see how it changes.

what about the emoto water tests, projecting the thought of hitler to water? or what about the tests of talking to plants that stimulate their growth and health?

RE: Unconditional Looooove...
9/12/10 1:31 AM as a reply to Dark Night Yogi.
i think i was going off topic, sorry bout that.

i think a lot of stuff happen in meditation which amplify and open us to pick up a lot of different weird thoughts, but i think my mind also tends to create stories like that when my "psychological self?" feels like its in an important place doing something important, like feeling synchronicity, or when im with people i feel im resonating with at that time, creating the feeling of an important event. with the teacher relationship, id think these would happen a lot. very magical moments. i think in these moments, the people dont necessarily have to be radiating love, but i think their presence influences it, but i think it could also happen regardless of meditation or not too.