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Guide to the Pyramid exercise

Guide to the Pyramid exercise
9/13/18 9:31 AM
Visualize a pyramid of pure hydrogen. Notice that the light coming from it is not limited to that from the sun. The Sun is penetrating also. You are seeing fractals of reflections that have been muted by several degrees of variant destances. Are you attached to these periods of muted reality.? I am half asking this question myself.
If your ears are subdued by sound. Continue counting up the elemental charts. You are descending also into a labyrinth of bending light.
You are listening to music huh? Don't get bit by a spider>>
Your are sitting in a house crawling with bugs. You feel no pain, and yet your attention is still diverted? Find your element.
The laundry goes off. You could hang it outside. Is it raining yet? Breath in the air. You could repeat this excercise, but I have never done it twice so there!