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Memorable Quotes

Memorable Quotes
6/15/09 4:58 PM
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Thanks, Nathan.

Once again, you have hit the nail squarely on the head.

For the sake of convenience, I've cut and pasted from your page entry:


So... to summarize, in the words of the "World Honored One"...

Since ancient times it has been the case that those who speak too much are criticized as are those who speak too little and those who don't speak at all.

Everyone in this world is criticized. -Dhammapada, Verse 227

RE: Memorable Quotes
6/16/09 8:57 AM as a reply to Kenneth Folk.
And to give a modern parallel to that saying from the "World-Honored One" here is a statement from the "World-Dishonored One" = Mr. Rodney Dangerfield:
"I don't get no respect."

It's good to be respected.

But it's even better to act rightly whether or not it garners respect.

RE: Memorable Quotes
6/19/09 4:53 AM as a reply to Kenneth Folk.
The nail head may be mine Kenneth but that is the Dhamma Hammer as wielded by the master. It takes a lot to crack my head open, so please keep on poundin' all you bodhisattvas and eight classed old school hardcores.

Mucho gracias.