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All my kundalini energy is being directed to head

Hey all
It seems like most of my kundalini energy is being directed to my head.
Before I experienced a&p, I was mostly around my head after meditation practice, it brought advantages for my creativtiy etc, but after kundalini activated allot of energy have gone up to my heard due that my awareness is only limitied to be there.

It have devastated allot of my life and I feel allot of heat which around my head which been on going for more than a year.
Wondering if anyone got any tips or a healer with clairvoyance who can help me out? 

RE: All my kundalini energy is being directed to head
9/15/18 5:04 PM as a reply to Hans199111.
I recommend that you contact Tara Springett, a Buddhist kundalini expert. She helps people with symptoms like yours and is apparently quite successful. Here’s her page for kundalini assistance:

You might also read Mary Mueller Shutan's blog posts about kundalini:

Kundalini symptoms are difficult but the negative aspects of the phenomenon can be eliminated through energetic and emotional work.