"Brain yawning" feeling

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"Brain yawning" feeling

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when I practice concentration, typically focusing on the breath, and I get some depth in it, I often get a feeling similar to "wanting to yawn" in my brain (as weird as it may sound). In other word, there is that feeling that something in my head wants to be released but I just can't get it out, exactly like when one wants to yawn but can't get it to trigger.

Interestingly, it happened at least 3 times that, at night, when I'm in that particular zone between sleeping and awake (typically, if I've been awaken in the middle of the night, trying to go back to sleep), I actually manage to trigger it, yielding an intense "energy" "explosion" "in my head". I can sometime hold it for a few seconds, and I'm actually getting better at it everytime. The feeling is exhilarating and it's a fun experience.

On the other hand, although I try not to pay too much attention to it during my meditation practice, it is sometimes mildly frustrating to not be able to "unleash" the yawn.

Anyone has similar experience?