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Preparing for 2 retreats

Preparing for 2 retreats
6/22/09 2:30 AM
Author: yadidb
Forum: Dharma Overground Discussion Forum

Hello everyone,

After having crossed the A&P for the second or third time on my last 8-day retreat 2.5 months ago, gotten over the strong raptures and unusual side-effects after the retreat, I'm preparing for two retreats after my exams end soon.

I signed up for a 10-day at the end of August (Goenka) and an 8-day which starts about 20 days after the 10 day one ends.
At the moment in my daily practice (trying to do 2 hrs per day) I believe I am close to or coming in and out of the Equanimity √Ďana.. not sure how to describe it well - but 'everything' which includes thoughts sensations and more are just flying by very rapidly. Well I could be wrong and actually it doesn't matter that much.

edit: Just realized there's no way this is equanimity. sat about 3 hours today - the last sitting in the evening - towards the end, I felt the strongest pain ever (I know this experience from before) - It ain't solid pain, but vibratory pain which spreads through the whole body, I try to 'dive' into it and truly feel it but it gets so strong that I have to move fast because it is so unbearable.. Mmmm.. strange emoticon

I was wondering whether you've got some recommendation/s on how to prepare for these retreats or possibly some suggestions for the retreats themselves besides practice every single second with all you got - which is something I'm prepared to do. I also have Tarin's slackerguide to stream-entry which is very useful.