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I’m visualizing dark stuff

I’m visualizing dark stuff
9/23/18 11:35 AM
Hey all
Lately I’ve been visualizing allot of dark things, death, my aura turning black etc.
It is something I don’t want to happen, it happen though regardless. I’m trying to maintain calm when this happens and staying away from visualizations, it still though happen on its own from time to time.
Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this? Any metta or anything that can help with this?

RE: I’m visualizing dark stuff
9/23/18 6:09 PM as a reply to Stefan Johansson.
Hi Stefan,

Please review the information & resources on this page:

Be kind to yourself & safe,


RE: I’m visualizing dark stuff
9/24/18 9:01 AM as a reply to Stefan Johansson.
Hi Stefan!
What is your current practise like and how long have you been meditating?
When you say these visualizations are something you don't want to have happen, can you alaborate a bit on that? Are they really terrifying your gut out, our are they merely rubbing against your notion of what meditation should be?

Sometimes it is good practise to expose yourself to imaging your own death and sitting with the feelings that come about, but sometimes that might be a bit too much and could cause serious problems and should be avoided. And by avoided I mean that meditation practise should be put on hold for some time and spending time with friends etc should become the top priority (grounding practises are often talked about).