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Diffusion characteristic of the third wave of feminism

I was reading

And this caught my attention:

"The third wave was a diffuse movement without a central goal, and as such, there’s no single piece of legislation or major social change that belongs to the third wave the way the 19th Amendment belongs to the first wave or Roe v. Wade belongs to the second."

"It’s beginning to seem that the long-heralded fourth wave might actually be here... While a lot of media coverage of #MeToo describes it 
as a movement dominated by third-wave feminism, it actually seems to be centered in a movement that lacks the characteristic diffusion 
of the third wave. It feels different."

Just like the jhana!

RE: Diffusion characteristic of the third wave of feminism
10/7/18 6:18 AM as a reply to J C.
Interesting point. 

I liked the article and feel more educated and slightly less confused about feminism. And while reading it, there were a number of things that made me reflect on the "waves" of Buddhism in the West. For example,

"And the data from our polling shows that these supposed generational gaps largely don’t exist. It is perhaps more useful to think of it as part of what has always been the history of feminism: passionate disagreement between different schools of thought, which history will later smooth out into a single overarching “wave” of discourse (if the wave metaphor holds on that long)."

Currently, there are many Western Buddhisms and plenty of passionate disagreement between schools of thought. Will that eventually be smoothed out? What does the future hold for both women and dharma practitioners?