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NonViolent Communication,We are in This Together.

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I felt a lot of Compassion and Kindness in what you shared Danielmindgram.Yet behind the words there was a deep concern and hurt and pain because this site is your other Family.I agree with you that abstract theory and actual experience Practice are not the same.Given an Apple and a piece of paper of the apple with diagrams and Labratory Analysis and Chemical Structure,what would I choose?Please reflect on this question.I come here to take Apples and make Apple Pie.I will eat my Apple Pie and share my Apple Pie with everyone with Compassion and Kindness.My Apple pie is my Experience,It is the Ground of my Being.I will share my Experience and my Exploration as Dharma Scientest.I Greatly appreciate when others share there Experience and there Exploration.I value theirs and Mine Gestalt,I felt this or I experienced this.Apparently your have this other Group called Self appointed Experts coming from Abstract Theory who attack and dehumanize others Experience and Practice thus invalidateing there Humanity.I find that very uncompassionate and Violent and Abusive.As Far as I am Concerned this Group of Ego Practictionors can Take all the Papers and Books on Abstact Theory and Eat them til there sick and Throw up.I am going to Hang out with the Compassionate Dharma Apple Pie experince Group on this Site.My Lama Teacher and Friend Taught me How to Fly.I have the Experience of Flying.My Teacher was HH Kalu Rinpoche.The Dharma of the Mama Eagle,She teaches the Baby Ego's that they are Eagles and How to Fly.When its the right Time and They are big enough and strong enough.She tares the Nest Up.Not much Left to Stand on.Some Ego's out of Fear want to stay in the Nest,what Little is Left,They feel more Comfortable with there Books and Abstract Theory and Cherished Beliefs,Some Ego's Realize they are Eagles and they take the great Leap.They Fly,They are Eagles Now and They Leave the Concept of Ego Behind Them.The Moral of the Story,I rather be a Eagle who Flys.

RE: NonViolent Communication,We are in This Together.
7/8/09 4:59 PM as a reply to Thomas Faggard.
I enjoy the imagery you use to speak your mind. If you're looking for down to earth, dogma-free dharma, you've come to the right place.

Welcome to the DhO Mr. Eagle.