A message from the moon

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A message from the moon

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This is not a question about technique or a clarification of the Dharma, just a postcard from a novice on the path.

I was just finishing up my sitting last night. I opened my eyes and the first thing in my field of vision was the window opening onto the wintry night sky. The moon was full and bright, so big I felt I could jump onto it. It's light made of the rapidly passing clouds layers of soft, diaphanous pillows of luminosity. I was mesmerized and chose to stay on the cushion, resting in this vision. And quickly it was revealed to me, an aspect of seeing that I'd been peripherally aware of before, but here in glorious clarity I saw the clouds move between the moon and my eyes not in smooth, continuous motion, but in distinct pulses of light and motion, starting and stopping with my very attention. Like a strobe light in my mind. I also became aware that I could easily shift my attention a little, make it shallower, drop down the veil of ordinary awareness, and the motion would smooth over and become ordinary, then shift back, drop deeper and return to rhythmic pulses of the sight of the moon and the clouds.

I began to investigate the moments when the motion seemed to stop and I was looking at a still picture, a single frame in a film running through a slow projector, and there was a curious mystery at the heart there I couldn't quite grasp. I know I've been here before, at the edge of the arising and passing away of things. And I'll return soon, with greater clarity and skill. Filled with renewed faith and confidence, I bow to all the Buddhaness of the moon , the clouds, the night sky and this grand cosmic adventure.

In humility, may all beings benefit.
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RE: A message from the moon

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Very cool, thanks for sharing. Inspiring me to get my head out of this book and to take a walk.