Supramundane Jhana?

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Supramundane Jhana?

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Hi. It's been a long time since I last posted here. Nice to see you again.

I have been wondering about an experience I have been having, but need some clarification from more experienced practicioners and people who know the scriptures better than me.

There seems to be 3 ways for me to do phala samapatti, or to abide in the nibbana element. One is to start the practice with the "beyond" as the object of focus. The second seems to be through the directionless door. What happens is that try to dissolve any movement of the will with the intention of going beyond.

The third is the one I am most confused about and it's when I do jhana. I am doing jhana (almost always 1st jhana) and incline the mind to a "transcendent" version of that jhana. What seems to happen is that the jhana factors remain, but I am in a very different state. My best guess is that I remain in jhana but now the object of concentration is the "beyond".

I am sorry for not expressing myself better but I do not have these things clear enough in my mind. What do you think is happening here?
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RE: Supramundane Jhana?

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I am no jhana expert at all.

But the section on jhanas in MCBTII is really good.
A jhana can have different qualities present at different times, and Daniel speaks about subjhanas, you might benefit from looking into that..