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Why would you want to practice magick when you can just do vipassana? Fitter Stoke 35 247042 Date: 9/28/20 6:43 AM
By: Jano Pavuk
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Doing it vs Gettin' It Done/Practice Survey Alan Smithee 19 12898 Date: 11/14/18 1:00 AM
By: tamaha
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Direct pointing/Direct path - Vipassana - Stream Entry Mike Gee 7 6385 Date: 5/4/13 10:01 AM
By: Mike Gee
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insight meditation and feminism, a dialogue stefan . 7 4966 Date: 4/26/13 2:31 PM
By: Stefan .
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Is this insight progress, or am I just depressed? Trilan Gulbe 8 5051 Date: 4/2/13 1:59 AM
By: Trilan Gulbe
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Meditating when drowsy fivebells . 10 5912 Date: 4/1/13 1:00 PM
By: Dan Cooney
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What is hidden Florian 8 5761 Date: 3/28/13 8:03 AM
By: Dauphin Supple Chirp
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Are there any good web communities on magick? Conor O'Higgins 2 4080 Date: 2/4/13 7:43 PM
By: R. Gabriel Hill
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David Lynch Alan Smithee 8 5412 Date: 12/14/12 9:32 PM
By: Alan Smithee
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Dzogchen books Olaf Treebark 13 14662 Date: 11/28/12 6:56 PM
By: fivebells .
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RE: Direct Pointing in Action R. Gabriel Hill 30 10366 Date: 7/16/11 2:49 AM
By: Florian
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Ok, how does progressing through the Maps of Insight really work? Beoman Beoman 8 9749 Date: 1/5/11 10:20 PM
By: patrick kenny
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Women rich s 51 17068 Date: 10/18/10 8:05 PM
By: Jason Lissel
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