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DhO Hacked and Upgrade


ATTENTION!: It appears that our server has been hacked through this version of Liferay, meaning it is no longer secure, and so expect instability as we deal with this and attempt to upgrade to Liferay 7, which we failed to be able to do last year the last time the team attempted it, but we have no choice at this point, so bear with us as we try again. Save any long posts in a text file before posting them. You can follow me on Twitter at @danielmingram for updates if the site is down. Apologies for any complexity this causes. We will work as fast as we can. We have backups of the database, so hopefully nothing will be lost. Thanks to all helping with this complex process.




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New Interview w/ Frank Yang! – Full Natty Arhat - Guru Viking Podcast Steve James 6 1103 Date: 9/19/20 10:49 PM
By: Daniel M. Ingram
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Thanissaro - there is awareness in the deathless Papa Che Dusko 21 1514 Date: 9/19/20 12:32 PM
By: Papa Che Dusko
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My stepson, creator of MCTB iconic cover, has died Daniel M. Ingram 24 3696 Date: 8/30/20 2:23 PM
By: Robbie Downs-Levene
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"Shift into Freedom" by Loch Kelly Eric B 26 13017 Date: 6/29/20 1:27 PM
By: Eric B
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Non-dual realization without stream entry? Jason Snyder 50 13498 Date: 5/22/20 5:26 PM
By: Derek2
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Mahamudra books for cheap An Eternal Now 4 1147 Date: 5/15/20 9:47 AM
By: Steph S
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Felt Like My Soul Was Being Pulled Out Of My Body Fabian 24 68152 Date: 2/29/20 12:58 AM
By: hoba hang thebe
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New Interview w/ Ian A Baker! (6 Yogas, Tummo, Vajrayana, Shaivism, Taoism) Steve James 14 2390 Date: 2/10/20 12:47 PM
By: T DC
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New Interview / Tina Ramussen Ph.D (Pa Auk Sayadaw, hard jhanas, dzogchen) Steve James 34 4766 Date: 2/2/20 6:54 AM
By: Jimmy Bki bki
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"Nada" sound Florian 119 61326 Date: 12/9/19 2:38 PM
By: Ben Sulsky
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Culadasa Misconduct Allegations JP 337 84443 Date: 9/22/19 11:54 AM
By: Chris Marti
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My journey, current experience, etc. Chuck Kasmire 62 47834 Date: 9/5/19 8:15 PM
By: Shaun Steelgrave
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List your DhO site problems here Simon Ekstrand 69 13439 Date: 6/17/19 3:45 PM
By: Siavash
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Retreat, Burma Mike Smirnoff 14 2551 Date: 6/12/19 12:37 PM
By: Small Steps
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Open Heart Bhumi Model Kim Katami 85 32409 Date: 1/16/19 3:57 PM
By: Kim Katami
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Me Too movement catches up with another Buddhist Guru Tom Smith 9 3901 Date: 7/2/18 6:42 PM
By: JohnM
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How is Mahasi not a samatha practice? Mike 5 1733 Date: 6/14/18 1:12 AM
By: Matt
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Buddhist Hermitage Lunas, Kedah, Malaysia: anyone know it? Daniel M. Ingram 7 8548 Date: 5/15/18 5:29 PM
By: Peter S
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I am Sotāpanna, and so can you ;-) Small Steps 20 31579 Date: 12/16/17 11:29 AM
By: lance
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Anyone vegan here? Patricia Soldan 125 13805 Date: 11/8/17 3:33 PM
By: Alan Smithee
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