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Kambucha Tea, Questionable Shilla?

Kambucha Tea, Questionable Shilla?
3/8/20 8:22 PM
Hey Dhama Friends, 

I am wondering about something. 

I have been really enjoying my process of creating homebrew Kambucha tea, and 

I also been reading how if over brewed it can have 0.05 to 0.3% alcohol in it. 

This makes me a little concerned, though when I drink mine i do not taste any alcohol

I know there is a small chance if i let it sit too long can be over-brewed. 

Do you guys have any thoughts or suggestions on this?

Am i risking breaking shilla? 

RE: Kambucha Tea, Questionable Shilla?
3/9/20 12:08 AM as a reply to Pouya Iranitalab.
There are small amounts of alcohole in some fruits as well, especially if they are overly matured. I wouldn't worry.